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SAFCell, Nordic Power add to progress on solid acid fuel cell APU using reformed diesel

California-based SAFCell has passed the second technical milestone in its 18-month development contract with Nordic Power Systems in Norway, to deliver solid acid fuel cell (SAFC) stacks for incorporation into NPS diesel auxiliary power units (APUs).

In the first week of August, SAFCell delivered a 250 W stack to the Nordic Power Systems testing facility in Porsgrunn, Norway. The SAFC stack was integrated and tested with NPS’s proprietary cool flame diesel reformer system, converting the chemical energy of the diesel fuel directly into electrical power.

Combining these two technologies will result in lighter and less costly diesel fuel cell systems, which NPS plans to market for both mobile and stationary auxiliary power applications.

The SAFC stack was operated on both dilute hydrogen and NPS’s diesel reformate, with almost no difference in performance between the two fuel streams. This result is particularly impressive, says SAFCell, as it shows that the fuel cell could operate with up to 10% CO without affecting performance.

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