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Ireland could have 300% renewable energy

Ireland’s renewable energy sources have a potential three times the country’s energy requirements.

According to the book Green & Gold – Ireland a Clean Energy World Leader? by Alternative Energy Resources CEO John Travers, 20% of total Irish energy needs can be met by renewable energy within the next 10 years and 80% by 2050 and that 20% of Irish GDP can be derived from clean energy exports.

Travers, says: “Clean energy can help rescue Ireland from its current economic and energy challenges. In achieving energy independence, Ireland can become an outstanding world leader and a global beacon for the use of clean energy.

“Ireland is endowed with winds that are among the strongest in the world and the waves that crash against our western seaboard are some of the most powerful on the planet. Harnessing these and other clean energy sources such as solar and biomass offers Ireland a golden opportunity to overcome the energy challenge it faces.”

He adds: “There is the potential to create almost 100,000 jobs from harnessing renewable energy and applying energy efficiency activities.”

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ChrisFloate said

17 August 2010
I quite agree, that we have plenty of renewable reources, not only in Ireland but the UK as well. It does take a great deal of financial commitment to make it happen though. Unfortuntaly a great deal of misinformation is being handed out which could backfire on particularly the small end of the wind power industry. I have recently analysed wind speed data and found the government's average wind speeds to grossly over estimate by as much as 50%. When I looked at power generation figures over a 6 month period I found that the real power power generated was in the region of 40% to 45% of the estimate given by installaion companies. If local groups and individuals are going to base funding for wind powered microgeneration on the national average wind speed data I believe in many cases their figures will not add up. I edit a website realityGreen and we have published our findings within our wind power section. I am very pro renewable energy and believe the world must work towards sustainable living but we cannot base our figures on incorrect data. Please take a look at the article and give me your views.

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