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Ballard fuel cell system for clean power from by-product hydrogen at K2 bleach plant

Canadian companies Ballard Power Systems and K2 Pure Solutions have finalized a sales agreement to deploy a PEM fuel cell power generator to be sited at a K2 Pure Solutions’ bleach plant in Pittsburg, California.

The Ballard CLEARgen™ fuel cell system will convert by-product hydrogen into clean load-following electricity that will partially offset power demand at the state-of-the-art bleach plant.

The fuel cell power plant will utilize by-product hydrogen that would otherwise be burned to generate heat. In supplementing its power requirements with the 163 kW fuel cell generator, K2 Pure Solutions will displace approximately 220 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Ballard CLEARgen fuel cell system cost-effectively converts hydrogen into electricity that may be used onsite by the customer, or sold back to the grid for use in the community. This initial small-scale installation will be supported by California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), which has to date created over 337 MW of clean, rebated energy capacity in the state.

The agreement between Ballard and K2 Pure Solutions anticipates receipt of a routine air permit exemption for the fuel cell system from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and a grant from SGIP, with installation and commissioning planned for completion in early to mid-2012.

Ballard has recently completed factory testing of a 1 MW mobile PEM fuel cell power plant, ahead of deployment with utility company FirstEnergy in Ohio. This CLEARgen system will be housed in a large trailer, similar to a semi-tractor trailer, allowing it to be moved easily to different locations.


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