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3TIER brings solar prospecting and assessment to India

3TIER says its complete suite of solar prospecting and assessment products is now available throughout India.

The solar products are based on 3TIER’s solar dataset. The products enable project developers to quantify the long-term availability and variability of solar resources with or without observational data.

“As solar energy development in India accelerates, 3TIER has the state-of-the-art products and expertise developers need to make optimal decisions,” says Nikhilesh Singh, Managing Director of 3TIER’s Bangalore office.

“While much of India enjoys good solar resources, seasonal variability is significant, and 3TIER can help developers determine which sites are truly exceptional.”

3TIER’s solar dataset, which is based on satellite image processing, is said to provide 3-30 times greater resolution than any other dataset for India.

It uses hourly satellite images from January 1999 through February 2010 for its solar dataset.

The process accounts for turbidity caused by pollution, water vapour, and other particulate matter, and it records seasonal effects of monsoon activity.

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