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Scatec Solar builds 7.2 MWp solar PV roofs

Scatec Solar has signed a € 20 million agreement with the Solar Life Energy investment group to build a total of 7.2 MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on 10 industrial warehouse roofs in the area of Milano, Italy.

Raymond Carlsen CEO of Scatec Solar, says: “Large commercial roof tops will be increasingly important to the PV industry as areas for ground mounted parks will become scarce, and the agreement with Solar Life Energy confirms that our company is competitive also in the roof top segment, he said.”

A total of 10 large roofs will get solar PV systems fitted, and the expected annual energy production of 8.5 GWh will be fed into the grid system.

The solar PV rooftop systems will consist of 225 W polycrystalline solar PV modules from SolarWorld, and SMA central outdoor inverters CP 630, CP 500 and CP 800.

Roof mounting system developed

The warehouse roofs represent a challenge as they have a coupled shape. Scatec Solar engineers have therefore had to develop a custom made mounting system enabling the installation of solar PV systems on these roofs.

“This special designed mounting system has great potential as it increase the number of roofs suitable for solar installations,” says Carlsen.

Scatec Solar will have full EPC responsibilities for the project, which will be completed this year, and the company will also be in charge of the operation and maintenance services for the completed rooftop solar PV systems.

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