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Conergy Greece builds 9 solar parks totalling 716.13 kW

Conergy Greece has completed 9 solar parks on Crete, Greece, consisting of over 2500 Conergy PowerPlus Modules.

The solar modules have been mounted on Conergy SolarGiant and Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems. Furthermore, a total of 90 Conergy IPG 5 S inverters will be installed.

The solar parks are expected to produce around 1.2 MWh annually.

Project Manager Themis Lagorkopoulos says: “Despite the obstacles that we faced in terms of the extremely rocky grounds and the big slopes of the fields, we managed to develop customer-fit solutions for every single installation: Some parks are equipped with SolarLinea mounting systems.

"At some others, where it was impossible to ram the posts, we designed with SolarGigant ground-mounted systems. This is where we benefit from our long-lasting knowledge at Conergy in the designing, engineering and installation of solar parks.”

The parks have been sold to different investors. Two out of the nine parks have been commissioned to the local investor Ioannis Stefanakis.

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