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OMM installs HVAC cables at BorWin1 offshore wind project

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) will install the high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) cables connecting the Bard Offshore 1 and BorWin alpha platforms for the BorWin 1 offshore wind project.

The contract for the two infield HVAC cables was awarded by the German grid operator, Transpower Stromübertragungs GmbH.

BorWin1 offshore wind farm cluster is located off the coast of Germany. OMM will install the (208 mm OD) 1.1 km export cables at depths of around 40 m between the BorWin alpha platforms to the island of Norderney and onward to Diele where the power will enter the German grid.

The operations will include the post-lay burial of the HVAC cables, ensuring adequate burial depth has been achieved to provide satisfactory protection from potential third party subsea damage.

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