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GL Guideline for certification of wind turbines updated

GL Renewables Certification (GL) has updated its guidelines for onshore wind turbines and components.

In the 2010 edition of GL's wind turbine guidelines, the procedures to obtain type and project certificates are described.

Type certification comprises design assessment, implementation of the design requirements in production and erection, evaluation of quality management and prototype testing. And on the basis of type certification, project certification is carried out that covers site design conditions, site-specific design assessment, and surveillance during production, transport and erection as well as witnessing of commissioning and periodic monitoring, GL Renewables Certification says.

Mike Woebbeking, GL Renewables Certification, adds:"It is important for manufacturers of wind turbines and components as well as banks and insurers involved to know the different certification processes and guidelines."

The most important part of the Type Certification is the assessment of the design documentation, according to Woebbeking. In addition, the implementation of the design requirements in production and erection shall be observed.

Therefore, the manufacturers of wind turbines and components will be evaluated all the way in terms of their quality management, and prototype testing will be made to guarantee the product quality and to verify the performance of the safety and control systems of the turbines.

"The new edition will additionally cover small wind turbines and latest information on several prominent wind energy markets. It will have effect on future wind turbine developments worldwide," says Woebbeking.

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