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UK cuts renewable energy spending

The UK is cutting £34 million of low carbon and renewable energy spending, says the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

In addition to the already announced £3m cut closing down the Low Carbon Buildings Fund early, DECC says the following spending will be cut or reduced:

  • £6.1m efficiency savings and under-spending on programme budgets within DECC;
  • £4.7m saved by cancelling the final funding rounds of the Bio-Energy Capital Grants Scheme and the Bio-Energy Infrastructure Scheme. These schemes have been responsible for nearly £60m of public investment since 2002, and have supported around 400 individual projects. £5.3m of grants for 2010/11 are not affected and will remain in place, closing as planned on 31 March 2011, DECC adds;
  • £1m cut in funding for development of Deep Geothermal energy generation, which will still receive £1 million this year;
  • £3m savings by reducing the scope of the Offshore Wind Capital Grants Scheme. Although, DECC says the savings on the Offshore Wind Capital Grants scheme will not affect the £5m announced on 5 July;
  • Early closing of the Energy Saving Trust technology trials, saving £700,000 from the £3m pound programme;
  • Reducing the scope of the Central Government Low Carbon Technology Programme cutting £2.9m;
  • The Carbon Trust will receive a £12.6m reduction to this year’s grant for low carbon technology and business support funding from DECC.

DECC says that despite the £34m of cuts in low carbon and renewable energy spending, the department will nonetheless spend over £150m on renewable and low carbon technology this year.

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