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China could invest $20b in renewable energy overseas

Up to $500 million could be invested in Canadian renewable energy following a recent meeting in China, says Canadian Bioenergy Association (CanBio) President and Executive Director, Douglas Bradley.

“China has $20 billion to invest in renewable energy overseas. And Canada, with its ready supply of renewable biomass and the technology to convert it to energy and high-value products, is a very attractive partner for us,” says Kai Johan Jiang, President of DP Cleantech, one of China’s largest bioenergy power producers.

CanBio says it wants to ensure that a significant chunk of the $20bn renewable energy investment is invested in Canadian bioenergy projects and technologies.

This autumn, a number of Chinese investors, led by Kai Johan Jiang, are coming to Vancouver to meet Canadian developers at CanBio’s Annual Conference and Trade Show on 30 September to 1 October.

“Chinese investors offer the missing link – they have the financing and partners we need to turn our state-of-the-art technologies into profitable businesses bringing jobs and clean energy to communities that need it most – and our clean energy technology to the world,” CanBio’s Bradley says.

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