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Berlin historic theatre building fitted with solar modules

SunPower Corp and partner MBG have installed a 29.7 kW SunPower solar system on the roof of the Friedrichstadt Palast, Berlin's historic landmark theatre building.

MBG installed SunPower's E18 Series solar panels, which are said to have an efficiency of 18%.

The solar panels are mounted on the SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tile system, which is non-roof penetrating and tilted at a 10° angle.

"SunPower's T10 Solar Roof Tile system is a lightweight, flat-roof solution that was the best option for this roof, due to the engineering and planning requirements for historic buildings," says Sebastien Ninnig from MBG.

"The monocrystalline, high-performance solar panels from SunPower allowed us to offer the highest possible power output and consequently the highest carbon dioxide offset for our customers. Previously, we had very positive experiences installing a T10 system for the Berliner Stadtreinigung (Berlin Waste Management Authority), one of Berlin's largest photovoltaic installations. Here again, it was important for us to use a lightweight, high-efficiency system."

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