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Updated: Italy revises renewable energy feed-in tariff

The revisions to the Italian feed-in tariff are welcome, according to Italian clean energy products company Acta.

The Italian Ministry for Economic Development confirmed its commitment to feed-in tariffs for renewable energy for 2011-2013 on 9 July.

See below for the new renewable energy feed-in tariff, as approved by the Italian Government’s Unified Conference of State and Regions.

9 July 2010: New Italian feed-in tariffs

Size of PV plant Installations between 31 Dec 2010 and 30 Apr 2011 Installations between 30 Apr 2011 and 31 Aug 2011 Installations between 31 Aug 2011 and 31 Dec 2011
Type of PV plant


kW €/kWh €/kWh €/kWh €/kWh €/kWh €/kWh
1-3 0.402 0.362 0.391 0.347 0.380 0.333
3-20 0.377 0.339 0.360 0.322 0.342 0.304
20-200 0.358 0.321 0.341 0.309 0.323 0.285
200- 1000 0.355 0.314 0.335 0.303 0.314 0.266
1000- 5000 0.351 0.313 0.327 0.289 0.302 0.264
>5000 0.333 0.297 0.311 0.275 0.287 0.251

The feed-in tariff rates for 2012 and 2013 will be reduced by 6% per annum from the rate for August to December 2011.

Acta, which has 19 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in its approval pipeline, says the new feed-in tariff rates strongly underpin management’s forecasts for its solar PV portfolio in 2011 and beyond.

Paolo Bert, Acta’s CEO, says: “As widely anticipated, the new tariff has been reduced compared to this year’s, but it remains higher than many had predicted.

“The Board of Acta therefore believes not only that Friday’s Government announcement will boost investor confidence in the renewable energy sector as a whole, but also that the rates themselves still represent an outstanding environment for investment in the Italian PV sector.

“Building on our significant existing partnerships and considerable authorisation pipeline, these ongoing tariffs will enable Acta to accelerate the identification and development of further PV projects for installation in this year and beyond.”

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