IRENA celebrates first year anniversary

As of July, 8, 2010, the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) will be a fully fledged international organisation.

One year ago, Abu Dhabi was elected as headquarters of IRENA and Hélène Pelosse was elected as Interim Director-General.

Since then, membership of IRENA has doubled and the Agency now has 147 signatories. A total of 26 of them have already ratified IRENA’s treaty and more are "to follow shortly", says the organisation.

“This ratification pace is truly a record breaker. Member States do their best to quicken these sometimes lengthy processes. It shows the interest they have on the Agency” says Hélène Pelosse, Interim Director-General of the Agency.

During the first year the Agency has evolved from one staff member in Hélène Pelosse - to 38 originating from 23 different countries.

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