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European Hydrogen Association appoints new president

The General Assembly of the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) has appointed Ian Williamson as its new President.

Williamson, who has led Air ProductsHydrogen and Bio Energy Systems business for 7 years and was a founding member of the EU Joint Technology Initiative, succeeds Lars Sjunnesson who has led the hydrogen organisation since 2005.

The hydrogen association currently represents the main European companies that are active in the development of hydrogen infrastructure and 19 national hydrogen and fuel cell organisations from across Europe.

Williamson will oversee the EHA’s continued promotion of hydrogen as an important energy carrier in a low carbon economy.

“It’s crucial that the EU, national and regional governments demonstrate a commitment – backed-up by financial and non-financial incentives – to support the hydrogen and fuel cell industry,” says Williamson.

“Recent developments such as the EU Competitiveness Council’s conclusions on the EU Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Strategy, clearly show we’re making progress. I’m certain that, with the knowledge and expertise of EHA’s members, this momentum will continue build.”

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