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juwi solar PV panels to Senegal

The juwi group has set up a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant at a health centre serving particularly as a maternity ward in Senegal.

The solar PV plant for the health centre in the village N'dollor is juwi’s third project in Senegal.

The solar PV power plant has an output of 4 kW, which is enough to supply the main consumers of the health centre with energy, such as lights. So far the village and the hospital ward have not had any access to electricity. The solar power plant also powers refrigerators in which medicines and inoculation syringes are stored.

Inverters were donated by SMA and the solar PV modules were provided by REC. The island system was arranged and tested by juwi.

In Senegal the solar PV system was launched by local partner INENSUS West Africa S.A.R.L.

More projects in Senegal

The solar PV plant in N’dollor is the third project implemented by juwi in Senegal. In co-operation with the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit – GTZ (German technical cooperation) the preparations for the installation of solar island systems in 50 villages in the provinces Casamence and Fatik are currently taking place.

“Most villages in Senegal do not have access to general electricity. Solar based island systems, which supply energy independently of the grid, make it for the first time possible for people from rural areas to supply themselves with clean and tailored-made energy“, says Fabian Jochem, who leads the juwi division Off Grid supply.”

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