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JV builds 60 wind farm crew transfer vessels

Offshore Wind Power Marine Services Ltd (OWPMS) and the Brook Henderson Group have formed a joint venture (JV) to build 60 crew transfer vessels for offshore wind farm construction and operation & maintenance (O&M).

Brook Henderson has set aside upwards of £20 million of equity over the next two years and is negotiating 90% funding for new builds.

Commercial Director Rob Stewart, formerly of South Boats Special Projects, says: “We are looking at this industry from the future rather than organically growing from the past.

“The design of vessels, access systems, fleet structures and training need to be rationalised as part of an integrated approach focussing on safe, cost effective reliable access to the turbines. Above all it is about partnering with the client and fitting our service around their strategy, which as market leaders allows us to expand globally.”

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