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Enerkem gets US$1.8m to green biofuel production

Enerkem Inc is receiving US$1.8 million in funding for a market demonstration project for greening biofuel production from the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC).

Enerkem will demonstrate the market potential of optimised technologies that further reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted by biorefineries.

Targeted biomass-rich feedstocks will be converted into biofuel to compare the GHG reduction benefits of the Enerkem technology. The project will also focus on the direct use of CO2 in dry reforming-in the company’s synthetic gas conditioning process- and its incorporation in advanced chemicals.

The tests will be conducted at the Advanced Energy Research Facility (AERF) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The AERF pilot plant is a joint effort between the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions and Enerkem.

The biofuel technologies and products, once demonstrated, will be implemented in Enerkem’s commercial biofuel facility in Edmonton.

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