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RES Canada announces Canadian windfarms

Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES Canada) and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have announced the development and construction of Talbot and Greenwich windfarms in Canada.

The Talbot Wind Farm is a US$250 million, 99 MW project to be constructed in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Canada.

The wind project will create an estimated 300 construction jobs and eight direct operation jobs. Landowner payments to local farmers could amount to over US$1m a year and the municipality could receive around US$278,000 in tax payments annually.

The Greenwich Wind Farm is also a US$250m, 99 MW project, and will be located in the Municipality of Dorion and the Unorganized Territory of Spruce Current.

Construction will generate approximately 300 jobs and eight direct operations jobs once construction is completed. Around US$75,000 in annual municipal tax payments could be generated from the project.

RES will spend up to US$25m in capital expenditure in the region, including materials and labour, with more than US$6m in yearly operating expenditures.

RES Canada is a subsidiary of RES Americas.

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