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SgurrEnergy to advise on Chinese offshore wind

Renewable energy consultancy SgurrEnergy has been appointed by the EU-China Energy and Environment Programme to advise on the potential for China to exploit its offshore wind resource.

SgurrEnergy, which set up a base in Beijing in 2006, will work in partnership with the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) to assess whether it is economically viable to construct offshore wind farms along a 10,000 km stretch of coastline from Fujian to Shandong.

The CMA will be developing mesoscale models to quantify the wind resource along the coast. This will be combined with satellite derived wind data and local wind measurements to produce a high resolution wind map of the area.

SgurrEnergy will focus on the technical, environmental and economic constraints that affect offshore sites along the Chinese coast. The result will be identification of the most suitable sites for project development

In addition, the project also includes a feasibility study for a 100 MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Jiangsu province.

The project is funded by the European Union as part of the EU-China Energy Environment Programme which provides technical assistance for initiatives between China and Europe in the field of environmental and energy management.

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