Green building News for December 2009

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Ceramic Fuel Cells installs first BlueGen fuel cell unit at VicUrban building

Australian-based Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd has installed a BlueGen™ solid oxide fuel cell power and heating unit with VicUrban, the sustainable urban development agency for the Victoria state government.

Neah Power sells fuel cell powered air-conditioning systems, demonstrates battery charging

Neah Power Systems has received orders worth more than US$350 000 for SolCool air-conditioning systems utilizing Neah Power’s micro direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). Neah Power has also demonstrated that its unique silicon-based micro DMFC can operate as a battery charger for most current battery-based systems.

Ceramic Fuel Cells completes financing, regional grant for German manufacturing plant

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd has won financing for part of the costs of its solid oxide fuel cell volume manufacturing plant in Germany. The plant, which was officially opened in October, is located in the Industriepark Oberbruch, near Düsseldorf in the Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) region.

Trina Solar inaugurates Europe’s largest solar PV rooftop system

Trina Solar Ltd has inaugurated what it calls the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Europe with a capacity of 40 MW.

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Masdar PV sees installation of first roof mounted solar thin-film system Masdar PV sees installation of first roof mounted solar thin-film system

Masdar PV has seen its solar photovoltaic (PV) thin-film modules installed for the first time on a rooftop.

UK proposals include boost to the deployment of renewable energy

The British government has released its pre-budget report which provides substantial new funding to renewable energy and other low-carbon options.

More than 1000 towns and cities commit to use sustainable and renewable energy

The number of municipalities which has signed onto the ‘Covenant of Mayors’ for sustainable and renewable energy has surpassed 1000 since its creation in February.

Europeans embrace recycling to fight climate change, but not renewable energy

Europeans consider climate change to be the second-most serious problem facing the world today, but paying for green / renewable energy or installing solar panels or wind turbines are the least popular method to address the challenge.