Green building News for October 2009

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US shipments of geothermal heat pumps surge 40%

Shipments of geothermal heat pumps grew more than 40% last year in the US, to 121,243 units.

Canada experiences high demand for green heat subsidy

The demand across Canada for financial subsidy for green heat systems has exceeded expectations, but the programme is still under-allocated.

German university wins solar competition

A student team from Darmstadt, Germany, has designed, built and operated the most attractive and efficient solar powered home in an international solar competition.

Universities show increased use of renewable energy

Twenty-six universities and colleges across the United States received a grading of A- for their use of renewable energy on campus.

September's top 5 stories

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India to adopt feed-in tariffs

India is one of the latest countries to make the strategic move to a comprehensive system of feed-in tariffs to develop its renewable energy potential.

Australian utility to install BlueGen generator from Ceramic Fuel Cells

Australian-based Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd reports that a leading Australian energy utility has agreed to install a BlueGen solid oxide fuel cell generator in a showcase sustainability home.