Policy, investment and markets News for July 2012

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Marine energy park launched in Scotland Marine energy park launched in Scotland

Scotland’s first marine energy park was launched yesterday.

Major offshore wind cable connection supply chain gaps put project plans in jeopardy

The current manufacturing capacity of export power cables for offshore wind farms does not meet the needs of developers, both in UK and in the rest of the world, concludes a new study from The Crown Estate.

Energy storage to become a key growth market

Energy storage seems ready to move away from the dominance of pump-storage facilities and is set to become a key growth market for investors, according to market analysts Frost & Sullivan.

France gives go ahead to 541MW of solar power projects

French energy minister, Delphine Batho, has given the go ahead to 214 solar power projects totaling 541MW.

Solar Thermal: Spain shows the way forward for CSP

Solar thermal power, or concentrated solar power (CSP), can make a sizeable impact on the world’s renewable energy industry, if governments across the globe can maintain supporting policies, says a new report by alternative energy analysts GBI Research.

Scotland confirms ROC prices for renewables and challenges UK government to act now

The Scottish Government has announced plans to step in and "save the renewable energy industry" in Scotland “from the damage being caused by ongoing uncertainty over Westminster’s plans” for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

UK announces new feed-in tariffs for small scale renewables

The UK government has announced new feed-in tariffs (FITs) for renewable heat and small-scale renewable electricity technologies (not including solar PV).

Renewables industry warns of "devastating impact" as UK government delays ROC review subsidy decision again

The UK government is facing a wave of criticism after again delaying its planned announcement on future financial support for renewables.

Chinese solar imports to US down 45% year-on-year as import duties start to hit

Imports of Chinese solar cells and panels into the United States decreased for the second straight month in May year-over-year, according to the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM).

IEA warns Ireland to invest even more in renewables to meet 40% by 2020 target

Ireland must invest even more in renewable technologies, expand grid integration and improve energy efficiency, the International Energy Agency says in a review of Irish energy policies, published today.

IEA roadmap shows solar can meet one-sixth of world’s heating and cooling needs

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has launched a roadmap showing how solar energy could account for around one-sixth of the world’s total low-temperature heating and cooling needs by 2050.

UK gives go ahead to another 1GW of offshore wind but projects await outcome of Renewables Obligation review

Two offshore wind farms approved by the UK government last Friday are only likely to proceed if the economics stack up under new prices for offshore wind power, to be unveiled by ministers within the next two weeks.

IEA sees renewable energy growth accelerating but accuses world governments of “collective policy failure”

In its first-ever renewable energy market report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) accuses the world’s major governments of a “collective policy failure”, but still forecasts a 40% increase in global renewable power generation in the next five years, largely due to growth in deployment in non-OECD countries.

German cable firm Leoni joins Desertec clean power project German cable firm Leoni joins Desertec clean power project

Leoni has joined the Desertec consortium as an associated partner, the German cables and cable systems supplier announced today.

New Hampshire adds thermal energy to incentive scheme

The state of New Hampshire has added thermal energy to its renewable energy incentive scheme, enabling solar thermal, geothermal and biomass to fully benefit from the scheme for the first time.

UK onshore wind generation up 51%

Electricity generation from onshore wind was up by 51% in the first quarter of 2012, as a result of huge increases in capacity, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed.

China Ming Yang forms 2.5GW strategic partnership with Indian giant Reliance

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group is to gain a significant foothold in India, thanks to an agreement to co-develop up to 2.5GW of clean energy projects with one the country’s biggest companies, Reliance Group.

SPI Solar eyes European markets with Solar Green Technologies acquisition

US solar developer SPI Solar has acquired Italy’s Solar Green Technologies for €5 million from LDK Solar, SPI has announced.