Policy, investment and markets News for June 2011

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Heliocentris acquires P21 out of insolvency

Heliocentris Energy Solutions has purchased all assets of the bankrupt P21 through a new subsidiary.

Bioenergy double in size from nuclear Bioenergy double in size from nuclear

Bioenergy is already around double the size of nuclear energy globally, according to the World Bioenergy Association

UK strategy for renewable energy microgeneration

The UK Government has launched an action plan to help consumers, communities and businesses generate renewable energy under a microgeneration action plan.

European solar PV demand falling on support cuts European solar PV demand falling on support cuts

The solar photovoltaic (PV) market is setting major shifts as governments adjust their support for solar PV in 2011, according to Solarbuzz.

UK ‘All Islands’ approach to marine renewable energy

Ministers from the British Isles, Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will cooperate on exploiting wind and marine renewable energy in and around the islands of the UK and Ireland.

UK government invests to accelerate introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

A new £7.5 million (US$12.1 million) demonstrator programme in the UK will help to speed up the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and bring them into everyday use. The new funding was revealed today at a showcase demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies at City Hall in London.

Italy: Nuclear? Non grazie! – Now it's renewable energy

Italians have decisively said "no thanks" to nuclear for a second time in a nationwide referendum and the country must now turn increasingly to renewable energy.

Industry welcomes New South Wales solar move

Australia's Clean Energy Council has welcomed a Government decision to honour support for household solar systems.

DECC publishes major renewables report

A new independent study examines the future of renewable electricity technology in the UK

Disappointment over UK feed-in tariff review

A common theme among the responses to the UK’s revised feed-in tariffs for solar photovoltaics (PV) and anaerobic digestion, has been one of disappointment.

Expect renewable energy mergers in next year, says report

Merger and acquisition activity is likely to increase in the renewable energy sector over the next 12 months – particularly in Europe.

European solar heating and cooling market in decline

The market for solar heating and cooling in the EU and Switzerland has dropped for the second consecutive year

Feed-in tariff review: Killing UK >50 kW solar PV industry

The UK Solar Trade Association (STA) says the revised feed-in tariff for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects over 50 kW is killing the UK solar PV industry.

Reduced UK feed-in tariffs for solar PV and anaerobic digestion announced

The UK has announced its new, reduced solar photovoltaic (PV) feed-in tariffs for systems larger than 50 kW.

UK low-carbon projects at risk, says CBI

The CBI says the British Government could fail to achieve carbon emission reduction targets if action is not taken swiftly

Siemens UK to create hundreds of green engineering jobs

Siemens has announced the creation of up to 340 UK jobs as part of a new high voltage transmission project based in Manchester.

REpower’s net income down on difficult year

REpower saw a 4% drop in net income for the fiscal year 2010/2011 to €55.6 million, which has been a tough year for the wind power industry.

China still most attractive country for renewable energy

A diverse renewable portfolio helps China hold top position in global energy rankings

Nuclear expensive and uninsurable – cost on par with German solar Nuclear expensive and uninsurable – cost on par with German solar

The world's beleaguered nuclear industry continues to take a battering. The ‘nuclear renaissance’ juggernaut that once seemed unstoppable now appears dead in its tracks.

SeaEnergy sells SeaEnergy Renewables to Repsol

SeaEnergy PLC is selling its interest in loss-making SeaEnergy Renewables Ltd (SERL) to Repsol Nuevas Energias SA, valuating SERL at approximately £50 million.

Solar PV installations over 21 GW in 2011, but lower 2012 Solar PV installations over 21 GW in 2011, but lower 2012

More than 21 GW of new solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity is predicted to be installed in 2011, up from around 18 GW in 2010 according to IMS Research.

Abengoa sells 40% Telvent stake

Abengoa is selling its 40% stake in Telvent for €421 million to Schneider Electric.