Policy, investment and markets News for February 2011

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Danish 2050 energy strategy focuses on wind and bioenergy

The Energy Strategy 2050 looks at how Denmark could become independent from coal, oil and gas by 2050 and significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, using more renewable energy.

Gamesa’s 2010 hit by financial crisis

Gamesa saw a 54% dip in net profits to €50 million in 2010 compared to 2009, as the financial crisis impacted demand.

Bosch to fully acquire aleo Solar?

Bosch, which has a near 82% stake in alea Solar AG, is offering aleo Solar’s remaining shareholders €22 per share.

Q-Cells turns loss to profit in 2010

Q-Cells has recorded a net result from continuing operations of €90.9 million in 2010, compared to a loss of €370.8m in 2009.

Trina Solar’s net income soars 224% in 2010

Trina Solar saw a 224% increase in its net income in 2010 to US$311.5m compared to 2009.

Conergy loss almost halved in 2010

Conergy saw an improvement in its net result to a loss of €42 million in 2010, compared to a loss of €81.1m in 2009.

Good response to EU funding call for renewable projects

The UK Energy Minister has seen a strong interest in marine energy technology for the European fund.

Investor confidence in cleantech and renewable energy still high

Governent attitudes to renewable energy are the most important investment driver, according to a survey by London Bridge Capital.

Prioritise Australian renewable energy insists SEA

The Australian Government comes under pressure from the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) to incorporate renewable energy infrastructure into the ongoing relief project following the floods in Eastern Australia.

Sunways sales up 25% in 2010

Sunways AG has reported preliminary sales figures for the full year 2010 of €222.7 million, up 25% on 2009.

10 countries: 80% of smart grid investment

A new report has shown that by 2030, 10 countries will account for 80% of global smart grid investment.

European solar PV industry calls for UK feed-in tariff caution

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association has urged the British Government to review its feed-in tariff carefully.

Abengoa joins Living Planet Green Tech Europe index

Abengoa is joining the Living Planet Green Tech Europe index created by CA Cheuvreux and Living Planet Fund Management Company (LPF).

Status of feed-in tariffs in Europe 2010

The use of feed-in tariffs (FiTs) to pay for renewable generation now overwhelmingly dominates European renewable energy policy, according to the most recent meeting of the International Feed-in (tariff) Cooperation council (IFIC).

Carbon Trust funding down 40%

The UK Carbon Trust is seeing a 40% cut in funding this year, Chief Executive Tom Delay reveals.

ACAL Energy wins £1m in Carbon Trust Fuel Cell Challenge, in push for mass-market fuel cell cars

In the UK, ACAL Energy has been awarded a £1 million investment from The Carbon Trust, by winning the Polymer Fuel Cell Challenge. This initiative aims to accelerate access to new markets for fuel cell products, such as the widespread introduction of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

SolarWorld saw strong 2010

SolarWorld saw strong growth in 2010 with a 50% increase in profits to €89 million.

Vestas profit up 25% despite tough 2010

Vestas saw a 25% increase in profits to €156 million in 2010 despite having a “tough year”.

Step forward for Argentinean wind industry

International renewable energy consultancy Natural Power has signed an agreement with Argentinean renewable company Nowa Energía.

REC revenue almost doubled in Q4 2010

REC Group’s revenues hit NOK4874 million (€618.6m) in the fourth quarter (Q4) in 2010, up 92% from the same quarter in 2009 as sales increased.

India to become renewable energy powerhouse

India could become a renewable energy powerhouse due to its need for alternative energy sources, international pressure and strong Government support, according to Datamonitor.

UK feed-in tariff review “bad news for PV”

The announced review to the UK feed-in tariff for solar power is “bad news for PV,” according to the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) Technical Director Stuart Pocock.

UK solar farm feed-in tariffs under review

The UK has begun a review of the feed-in tariff scheme for solar power following evidence that large-scale solar farms may affect the amount of money intended to help homes and small businesses generate their own electricity.

SolarWorld profit soars 51% in 2010

SolarWorld AG’s consolidated profits soared 51% in 2010 to €89 million, according to provisional results.

Juwi expands into South Africa and Chile

Wind, solar and bioenergy developer Juwi has opened subsidiaries near Cape Town and Santiago.

UK invests £2.5m in wave and tidal research

Three wave and tidal research projects have received £2.5 million funding from the UK Government.

REpower sees net profit fall in 9M period

REpower saw its net profit fall 18.4% to €26.2 million for the first 9 months of the fiscal year ending March 2011.

Global renewable energy vision for 2050

An international renewable energy system will be possible by 2050, according to a report by Ecofys and WWF.

Australian renewable industry held back by politics

Lack of a cohesive national policy is restricting the development of renewable energy in Australia, according to Datamonitor.

GCube ups solar property coverage to US$0.5bn

GCube Underwriting Ltd, a provider of insurance services for renewable energy technologies, has grown its solar property coverage from US$300 million to US$500m for any single solar project or phase.

LM Wind Power signs UN Global Compact

LM Wind Power has signed the United Nations Global Compact and pledges to become ‘greener and cleaner’ in its operations.

Solar industry concern about EU energy finance model

The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has expressed concern about the European Commission's latest proposals to finance renewable energy.

Abengoa sets up renewable and sustainable energy centre

Abengoa and the Loyola Andalucia University Foundation is setting up a research centre to promote education and research activities based on renewable energy and sustainable development.