Policy, investment and markets News for November 2009

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States make “significant strides” in adopting pro-renewable energy practices such as net metering and interconnection

A report on net metering and interconnection practices that could enable renewable energy adoption across the United States, has given top marks to California, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon, but failing grades to Georgia, Idaho and Texas.

Günther Oettinger named EU Energy Commissioner

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, unveiled his team of Commissioners for his second term at the helm of the European Commission last week naming Günther Oettinger, current Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, as the new EU Energy Commissioner.

EIB lends €270m for renewable energy projects in Pakistan and Iceland

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide €100 million to Pakistan and another €170m to Iceland, to finance renewable energy projects.

US government invests US$18m in clean and renewable energy for small business

The Department of Energy (DoE) will fund US$18 million to support small business innovation research, development and deployment of clean and renewable energy technologies, including projects to advance wave and current energy technologies, ocean thermal energy conversion systems, and concentrating solar power (CSP) for distributed applications.

World Bank funds half-million for renewable energy and efficiency in South Africa

Funding to the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Investment Plan in South Africa will allow the country to move towards its goal of 4% of electricity from renewable energy by 2013.

REF Webinar: "Renewable energy in the Middle East" - speakers confirmed

Helene Pelosse, interim Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is confirmed as one of the guest speakers for Renewable Energy Focus’ next interactive webinar taking place on Wednesday 9 December (10.00 EST/15.00 GMT/19.00 UAE), in association with the World Future Energy Summit.

Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon subsidiary divests 35.22 % stake in Hansen

AE-Rotor Holding BV (AERH), a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of wind turbine group Suzlon Energy Ltd, has completed a secondary placing of 236,000,000 depository interests in Hansen Transmissions International NV, representing in aggregate 35.22% of the aggregate voting rights in Hansen.

Cost of solar energy will drop by half this year and other renewable energy by 10%, says analyst

The levelised costs for solar energy will drop 50% in 2009, while the pre-subsidy cost for other renewable energy technologies will decline by 10%, according to a quarterly research note from New Energy Finance.

US market for certified renewable energy grows 45%

More than half a million residential and 20,000 commercial customers purchased 13 TWh of certified renewable energy last year, according to the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS).

Half of US states generate at least 1 GW from non-hydro renewable energy

Development of renewable energy is spreading rapidly across the United States, often in conjunction with public policies that are designed to spur such growth, according to a state-by-state analysis by the Department of Energy's (DoE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Pickens files energy fund including renewable energy with regulators across Canada

An energy fund created by Texas oil billionaire Pickens, which includes renewable energy, has filed a preliminary prospectus from securities regulators in each province and territory of Canada.

SolarWorld establishes office in France for French solar power market

SolarWorld AG is establishing a liaison office in Grenoble, France, to be closer to French customers as the solar power market in France is now fourth place in the European league of newly installed solar output capacities.

ACCIONA net profits rise 255% to €1,229m over last 9 months

ACCIONA registered a net profit of €1,229 million in the first 9 months of 2009, a rise of 255% compared to the same period of last year.

New buildings in Europe must include renewable energy

The energy performance of buildings constructed after 2020 must improve and rely “to a large extent” on renewable energy, according to a deal reached between the EU Parliament and its Council.

Solar company Q-Cells notes €248.2m loss in Q3 – sheds 500 jobs

Solar company Q-Cells SE has published third quarter results with a loss of €248.2 million and is shedding up to 500 jobs as of December.

USA and China agree on clean and renewable energy initiatives

US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao have announced a far-reaching package of measures to strengthen cooperation between the United States and China on clean and renewable energy.

Six renewable energy sources judged to be best prospect for future, says report

The best prospects for large-scale renewable energy production and net-energy performance remain wind and certain forms of solar, according to a study released by two California-based think tanks.

European utilities must invest more in renewable energy, says analysis

The economic recession has prompted utilities in Europe to invest less in renewable power and the smart grid, even though they need to invest more to meet goals, says the European Energy Markets Observatory.

Fuel cell industry unity needed to achieve policy goals

The successful effort to restore US Department of Energy funding for hydrogen and fuel cell programs has made the industry stronger and more united, but the fuel cell industry still must fight for its place in the energy agenda of the 21st century, says the President of the US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC).

US Energy Secretary travels to India and China to promote clean energy partnerships

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu is travelling in India and China as part of the Department of Energy’s (DoE) efforts to advance opportunities for international clean energy cooperation. During the China portion of the visit, Secretary Chu will join with President Barack Obama as part of the official White House delegation.

Women and older people are less likely to support renewable energy in UK

Men are more likely to say they support the use of renewable energy than women, according to an opinion survey conducted by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Australia funds utility-scale wave power station

Four renewable energy projects will receive AU$235 million from the federal government in Australia, including a 19 MW wave farm off the coast of Victoria.

Online platform offering policymaker toolkit for secure and renewable energy

A new online platform launched by the World Future Council provides policymakers throughout the world with tools to unleash sustainable and renewable energy development.

Renewables must be key ingredient in future energy supply, says IEA

Investment in renewable energy technologies could decline by 20% this year, but renewables are expected to make large contributions in the latest forecast from the International Energy Agency.

Wind energy receives 45% increase in US budget allocation

Wind energy will receive US$80 million in federal government funding appropriations, a 45% increase over the last fiscal year.

US could create 4.5 million jobs in renewable energy, says analysis

The United States could net 4.5 million new jobs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors by 2030 if it addresses climate change, according to a report prepared for the American Solar Energy Society.

California offers US$15m to improve solar PV

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) has released a second solicitation for grants to improve solar photovoltaic (PV) production technologies and innovative business models.

DESERTEC JV DII established for renewable energy from deserts

The articles of association for the joint venture (JV) DII GmbH have been signed by the group of founding members consisting of 12 companies and the DESERTEC Foundation to secure renewable energy supply from the deserts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Applied Materials acquires assets of Advent Solar

Applied Materials, a supplier of equipment and services to the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry, has acquired all assets, including the intellectual property, of Advent Solar for an undisclosed cash amount.

World Future Council proposes a way to finance the renewable energy transition

The World Future Council proposes the issuing of money by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to finance the global renewable energy transition and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The US wind energy market could reach 8 GW by year end The US wind energy market could reach 8 GW by year end

The US wind energy market could reach 8 GW installed in 2009, (including project spill-over from 2008 and new wind build), despite initial fears of a major drop in megawatts resulting from the financial crisis, according to a brief from Emerging Energy Research.

US agency updates list of top green power purchasers

Fifty companies and organisations in the United States purchase 12.5 TWh a year of green power.

Reports shows job potential in US renewable energy sector

Four of the top publicly-traded clean tech employers in the United States are renewable energy companies from abroad.

Renewable energy could help create 1.9 million jobs in the USA

Comprehensive clean renewable energy and climate policies would create jobs, increase consumers’ income and strengthen the economy, according to a study conducted by three universities in the USA.

Integration of renewable energy is top issue for next decade for US regulator

The integration of renewable energy facilities is one of the top factors that will require changes to policy, planning and operations over the next decade, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

US government allocates US$2.2bn in bonds for renewable energy development

The US Department of Treasury has allocated US$2.2 billion in Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREB) as part of the Obama administration's efforts to spur production of renewable energy.

UK could miss target for renewable energy

Targets for renewable energy in Britain and the government’s carbon budgets could be missed, under one of the scenarios for future energy supply envisaged by Ofgem, the country’s energy regulator.

Technology transfer a "critical issue" - says deputy director general of the renewable energy and energy efficiency partnership

Binu Parthan, deputy director general of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) - a speaker at the upcoming World Future Energy Summit - has highlighted technology transfer as a key issue critical to advancing sustainable energy.

Renewable energy grow slowly in Asia-Pacific region

New and renewable energy sources will increase at an annual rate of 1.3% in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

3TIER expands geographical coverage of its advanced solar map and dataset solution

3TIER has announced that its advanced solar map and dataset - previously available for the Western Hemisphere - now includes Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

EU database on renewable energy legislation complete

The EU database on renewable energy legislation, www.res-legal.eu, providing information for all 27 EU countries is now complete.