Energy efficiency News for October 2013

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Energy storage solutions to enhance grid economics

The integration of suitable energy storage systems with wind or solar farms could significantly enhance the utilization efficiency of renewable energy, and bring considerable financial benefits to the grid.

European Bioenergy Research Institute’s new facility powered and heated by onsite Pyroformer plant

The European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) has unveiled new facilities at Aston University in Birmingham, UK which will allow it to significantly expand its world-class bioenergy research and knowledge transfer activity.

Owens Corning, NYSERDA and Constellation complete “largest” NY-SUN solar project

The solar system is expected to generate around 3.3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year for one of Owens Corning’s facilities in New York.

World Energy Council study reveals slowdown in energy efficiency

According to the World Energy Council’s latest energy efficiency study, there has been a general slowdown in energy efficiency improvements.

Online calculator can size RE batteries Online calculator can size RE batteries

Trojan Battery Co, a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has developed an online automated battery sizing calculator to accurately size a battery bank for renewable energy applications.

Logan Energy installs Britain’s biggest fuel cell at Regent Street development Logan Energy installs Britain’s biggest fuel cell at Regent Street development

Edinburgh-based Logan Energy Ltd has successfully installed the UK’s largest fuel cell system at Quadrant 3, the landmark Regent Street redevelopment project in central London.

Mita-Teknik acquires Wind Nordic

Mita-Teknik has completed its acquisition of Danish technology company, Wind Nordic, and will take over all of Wind Nordic’s wind turbine activities.

Innovation award for “Virtual Power Plants” network Innovation award for “Virtual Power Plants” network

A plan to harness so-called Virtual Power Plants for cooling and heating homes and businesses has won a major national award for innovation.

The Switch and Yaskawa form to expand product range

The Switch, a supplier of permanent magnet generator and full-power converters for wind power and other renewable energy applications, and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a manufacturer of servomotors, controllers, inverters, and industrial robots, have entered into a strategic cooperation to expand their product ranges covering motors, generators and converters.

Winergy installs first HybridDrive

Winergy’s first 3 MW HybridDrive has been installed and connected to the grid.

US$600 million award for RE projects

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ engineering and support centre has awarded contracts to 11 companies to provide design/build support for energy and energy conservation projects internationally.

Record high for UK renewables

Statistics published today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) showed that the amount of electricity generated from renewable energy sources in the UK reached a new record high of 15.5% of total electricity generation in the second quarter of this year.