Energy infrastructure News for May 2016

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San Francisco selected as DOE Climate Action Champion, to embrace hydrogen and fuel cells for local transportation

The US Department of Energy has selected the city of San Francisco as the first Climate Action Champion to pursue hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for local transportation.

Sierra Leone signs energy agreement with UK Sierra Leone signs energy agreement with UK

Sierra Leone has become the first country participating in the UK’s Energy Africa campaign to sign an agreement to ensure power for all citizens of Sierra Leone by 2025.

Up to half of Europe’s space heating could be renewable within 20 years, IHS says

Renewable sources could provide nearly half of the energy used to heat Europe’s homes by 2040, according to a recent study.

ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy pursue fuel cell technology in carbon capture

In the US, FuelCell Energy has signed an agreement with Exxon Mobil Corporation to pursue novel technology in power plant carbon dioxide capture, through a new application of molten carbonate fuel cells. This unique process, which generates power while capturing carbon, could substantially reduce costs, and lead to a more economical pathway towards large-scale global applications.