Energy infrastructure News for July 2013

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UK ‘off track’ for 2020 renewables target

Official energy statistics published today by the UK government report that the UK has missed its indicative renewable energy target for 2011-12.

Solar and wind dominate world market

Solar and wind energy use has grown significantly in 2012, and continues to dominate investment, states a new report.

US utilities aim for almost a gigawatt of new solar capacity

US utilities in Georgia, New York, and Colorado have announced plans to bring a total of 840 megawatts (MW) of solar energy online by 2016 through CLEAN programs set up by the Clean Coalition.

Europe’s largest energy storage trial deployed

S&C Electric Europe, Samsung SDI and Younicos have signed a joint agreement to launch Europe’s largest intelligent network storage project on a UK power networks substation.

UK investigates how to deal with low carbon tech UK investigates how to deal with low carbon tech

The Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) – the UK’s largest smart grid project, run by Northern Powergrid, British Gas, EA Technology and Durham University – is looking at how to accommodate increasing numbers of low carbon technologies in a more cost-effective way.

Biomass energy plant starts commercial operation

Following successful performance trials, Helius Energy plc says that the Helius CoRDe Limited biomass energy plant in Rothes, Speyside, Scotland has begun commercial operation.

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Biopower market boosted by energy targets

According to a new report, Europe’s biomass and biogas power market growth will be boosted by targets produce 20% of its total power from renewable sources by 2020.

David Cameron opens world’s largest offshore wind farm David Cameron opens world’s largest offshore wind farm

UK prime minister David Cameron has officially opened the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the London Array, located in the Outer Thames Estuary.

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The Switch calls for renewables industry to embrace Agile Positioning business model

The Switch has called for the renewable energy sector to embrace Agile Positioning, an industrial model that allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to market changes.

Poll finds 51% of UK public want more investment in renewables

A poll by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on UK energy policy has found that 51% of people think the government should support the construction of more renewable energy sources like solar, wave and tidal power.