Energy infrastructure News for February 2010

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AETI launches wind switchgear solutions

American Electric Technologies Inc (AETI) has launched a wind switchgear solution designed specifically to provide “safer, more reliable, higher-performing wind farm operations.”

3TIER releases global solar dataset

A US-based provider of renewable energy assessment and power forecasting tools has completed a tool to identify and map the world’s wind and solar resources using a globally-consistent methodology.

Information and Communication Technologies lead the way to energy efficiency in Europe

The European Commission has just held an event on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Energy Efficiency in Brussels. Several EU-funded research projects were showcased at the accompanying ICT for Energy Efficiency Exhibition and Award Ceremony.

Bloom launches Energy Server solid oxide fuel cell to power buildings Bloom launches Energy Server solid oxide fuel cell to power buildings

California-based Bloom Energy has announced the availability of the Bloom Energy Server™, a solid oxide fuel cell system that is claimed to offer a cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable alternative to both the electric grid and traditional renewable energy sources.

USA develops renewable energy on contaminated sites

Two US agencies are evaluating the feasibility of developing renewable energy production on Superfund, brownfields, and former landfill or mining sites.

Green jobs if Canada renews incentives for renewable power

A coalition of environmental groups says Canada could create at least 8000 jobs by if the Federal Government renews incentives for renewable energy.

Australia: 100% renewable energy by 2020

Renewable energy could produce 100% of the electricity needed in Australia within 10 years, using technologies that are available now.

Greenlots rolls out electric vehicle charging solutions Greenlots rolls out electric vehicle charging solutions

Singapore-based Zeco Systems Pte Ltd has announced its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for global markets. The company's Greenlots® solutions allow utilities, municipalities, car park operators, EV manufacturers and distributors to install, own and operate their own local charging network for electric vehicles.

US utilities see future for solar and wind

Wind energy projects are underway or planned by 79% of utilities in the USA within the next five years, while solar energy is planned by 73% within that time horizon.

40% wind energy in the Falklands

The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic have commissioned three new wind turbines that will supply 40% of the settlement’s electricity.

Florida installs solar energy on emergency shelters

Funding of US$10 million from the State Energy Program will deploy solar energy on schools and emergency shelters in Florida.

US states need guidance for feed-in tariffs

Feed-in tariffs (FiTs) in the United States are difficult to implement and the Federal regulator should clarify the rules, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell system for telecoms backup power

Italian-based Electro Power Systems SpA has launched what appears to be the world’s first self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell system, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

South Wales region to pioneer hydrogen energy in UK

The UK government has designated South Wales as the country’s pioneering Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA) for hydrogen energy. The South Wales LCEA will be the most extensive renewable refueling infrastructure in the UK, and will also support fuel cell development and create ‘green’ jobs and companies to boost the regional and national low-carbon economy.

Global fund collects US$300m for renewable energy

Japan has joined the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Britain and the USA as a donor for a new programme to support renewable energy in developing countries.

US support declines for renewable energy: poll

Americans of all parties support the passage of Federal policies to support renewable energy, although the level is down from a baseline survey conducted two years ago.

US renewable energy industry wants key legislation passed this year

Five associations in the United States have banded together to urge Congress to enact key policies which will continue accelerated growth across the renewable energy sector.

Finance: Clean Energy Index down 4.59%

Interested in financial renewable energy news and stocks? Renewable Energy Focus has launched a finance section with real-time financial data and news.

Global clean energy investment: US$145bn

China’s investment in wind energy last year kept the world’s overall investment in clean energy to 6.5% below the 2008 record, despite the worst recession for 60 years.

£10m for renewable energy initiatives by UK communities

Twelve UK communities have received grants to install solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies, under a national challenge to reduce carbon emissions.

Sonel builds Slovenian 81 kW solar PV plant

Slovenian wholesaler Sonel has built a 81 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant using Sputnik Engineering’s SolarMax inverters in the northern Slovenian town of Gornji Petrovci.

Smart grid could reduce emissions by 12%

A smart grid could reduce electricity use and cut carbon emissions by 12% for US power utilities by 2030.

Hawaii considers US$50m bonds for renewable energy

Hawaii has introduced legislation to create a green jobs sector through the establishment of a ‘Hawaii Clean Energy Investment Bonds’ programme for renewable energy.

US renewable electricity standard - 274,000 jobs

A US national renewable electricity standard (RES) of 25% by 2025 could create thousands of jobs and help fledgling industries like wind grow, as short-term tax benefits expire.

Smart grid market could reach US$15.8bn

The smart grid market is set to grow from today’s US$4.5 billion to US$15.8bn by 2015, according to Lux Research.

UK’s energy supplies at risk

Doubt has been cast over whether current UK energy arrangements can deliver secure and sustainable energy supplies, according to Ofgem.

Wind industry aim: European single market by 2015

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) welcomes European regional energy initiatives, but says the aim is a European single market by 2015.

Abener develops solar melted salts storage in Spain

Abener will develop a molten salts storage project for parabolic trough solar collectors and gas chambers (CCP) in an experimental solar plant in Almeria, Spain.

USA investigates new renewable energy

The US federal budget proposes that the USA should be “the global leader in the new energy economy by developing new ways to produce and use clean and renewable energy.”

US DoI proposes US$73m for renewable energy

The proposed US$12.2 billion budget for the Department of the Interior (DoI) in FY2011 includes an increase of US$14.2 million over last year for renewable energy programmes.

UK renewable industry welcomes feed-in tariff

The UK renewable energy industry welcomes today’s announcement of the feed-in tariff for renewable and low carbon electricity, and the plans for low carbon heating incentives.

UK feed-in tariffs announced

The UK Government has announced its feed-in tariffs for small scale renewable and low carbon electricity starting from 1 April.