Energy infrastructure News for February 2009

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ITC Holdings plans 12 GW wind transmission

ITC Holdings Corp has worked over the last year on the development of the Green Power Express, a network of transmission lines for 12 GW of wind power in the USA.

Bridging the wind investment gap to 2010

After a record year for new installations in 2008, the global wind industry faces greater near-term uncertainty as the deteriorating economic conditions in the USA threaten to dampen growth prospects and wind turbine supply chain investments globally, writes Emerging Energy Research (EER) Research Director Joshua Magee.

Green New Deal offers a route out of the recession

A national Green New Deal that invests in jobs, carbon-free electricity and innovative green technology is the way to beat the recession, says Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the UK Environment Agency.

Upgrading grid for wind pays off

An investment in the power grid to enable wind to supply 20% of the electricity needs of eastern USA could save consumers billions.

Hybrid EV battery contract to Johnson Controls-Saft

Johnson Controls-Saft, a joint venture (JV), will supply the complete battery system for Ford Motor Company's first series production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) to be introduced in 2012.

US stimulus bill passed

The US$789 billion economic stimulus bill, which includes provision for renewable energy, has been passed by the US Congress and endorsed by President Barack Obama.

More scope for solar energy in South Africa

The Danish Government will be providing R60 million to support renewable energy projects at local government level in South Africa.

Imera plans pan European electricity grid project

Irish energy infrastructure company, Imera, plans a pan-European offshore electricity network connecting key markets and offshore wind farms.

Transmission investment needed to unlock US wind

The electric transmission investments proposed in the Obama administration’s stimulus plan could have a major impact on wind power development in the US, according to Emerging Energy Research (EER).

Offshore wind can stimulate European economy

The European Commission has recognised offshore wind energy as a key technology in Europe’s attempt to stimulate the Union’s economies in its proposed €5 billion investment in energy and internet broadband in 2009-2010.