Energy storage including Fuel cells News for February 2013

Energy storage including Fuel cells News Archive

Ballard fuel cell system to use biomass-generated hydrogen on California reservation

Canadian-based Ballard Power Systems has sold a ClearGen™ distributed generation fuel cell system to an Indian reservation in northern California. The 175 kW system will be integrated with a biomass gasifier and syngas purification unit to form an integrated biomass-to-fuel cell power solution.

Intelligent Energy collaborates with Cable & Wireless to power consumer electronics

At this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Intelligent Energy announced a collaboration with Cable & Wireless Communications, to test personal energy devices powered by Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell technology.

Acta and EcoIsland link up for Isle of Wight domestic hydrogen, fuel cell partnership

The clean energy products company Acta SpA has signed a letter of intent with the EcoIsland Partnership in the UK, which aims to make the Isle of Wight the first sustainable region in Britain. Acta will provide a domestic renewable energy storage solution, to produce and store hydrogen for use in a fuel cell system in a house.

UKH2Mobility project maps out future of hydrogen fuel cell cars, with 1.6 million on UK roads by 2030

The UKH2Mobility project has released the results of its Phase 1 interim report, evaluating the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and paving the way for commercial rollout in the UK.