Energy storage including Fuel cells News for February 2011

Energy storage including Fuel cells News Archive

Horizon, Pilus on bioreactors to produce renewable hydrogen from waste for fuel cells

Ohio-based Pilus Energy has announced a strategic relationship with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore, to combine Horizon hydrogen fuel cells with Pilus Energy’s renewable hydrogen production platform.

Donauer mobile solar energy system

Donauer Solartechnik’s Mobile Solar Power System (MSPS), designed for extreme climate conditions, will be distributed by the off grid division of Gilching solar wholesaler and was launched at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

ACAL Energy wins £1m in Carbon Trust Fuel Cell Challenge, in push for mass-market fuel cell cars

In the UK, ACAL Energy has been awarded a £1 million investment from The Carbon Trust, by winning the Polymer Fuel Cell Challenge. This initiative aims to accelerate access to new markets for fuel cell products, such as the widespread introduction of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Glasgow working with EADS on hydrogen storage tanks for aircraft using nanotechnology

Chemists at the University of Glasgow are working with European aerospace giant EADS in using nanotechnology to alter the design and material composition of a storage tank, to use solid-state hydrogen on an industrial scale for aircraft and cars.

ITM Power reports successful high power density fuel cell tests with air rather than oxygen

UK-based ITM Power has demonstrated exceptionally high power densities in initial testing of its proprietary hydrocarbon membrane materials for hydrogen/air fuel cells. The company says it has achieved more than double the fuel cell power density performance presently available on the market.

Ceres Power begins fuel cell residential CHP field trials in consumer homes

In the UK, Ceres Power has commenced commercial field trials of its wall-mounted combined heat and power (CHP) product in occupied homes. The residential CHP systems utilize Ceres Power’s unique intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell technology.