Energy storage including Fuel cells News for December 2009

Energy storage including Fuel cells News Archive

Ceramic Fuel Cells installs first BlueGen fuel cell unit at VicUrban building

Australian-based Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd has installed a BlueGen™ solid oxide fuel cell power and heating unit with VicUrban, the sustainable urban development agency for the Victoria state government.

Ballard signs automotive fuel cell supply agreement with Daimler

Vancouver-based fuel cell developer Ballard Power Systems has announced a supply agreement with Daimler AG in Germany, to deliver Ballard FCvelocity™ fuel cell products for the fuel cell car and bus programs at Daimler.

Neah Power sells fuel cell powered air-conditioning systems, demonstrates battery charging

Neah Power Systems has received orders worth more than US$350 000 for SolCool air-conditioning systems utilizing Neah Power’s micro direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). Neah Power has also demonstrated that its unique silicon-based micro DMFC can operate as a battery charger for most current battery-based systems.

Ceramic Fuel Cells completes financing, regional grant for German manufacturing plant

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd has won financing for part of the costs of its solid oxide fuel cell volume manufacturing plant in Germany. The plant, which was officially opened in October, is located in the Industriepark Oberbruch, near Düsseldorf in the Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) region.

Ballard monetizes investment in Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. for US$44.5 million

Canadian-based fuel cell developer Ballard Power Systems has closed an agreement, effective December 21, with a financial institution to monetize its rights under the Share Purchase Agreement with Ford Motor Company relating to Ballard’s 19.9% equity interest in Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corporation (AFCC).

Ceres Power starts up fuel cell manufacturing at Horsham plant

Solid oxide fuel cell developer Ceres Power has commenced manufacturing operations from the initial production line installed at the company’s fuel cell mass manufacturing facility in Horsham, UK.

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Ricardo, QinetiQ unveil high-performance battery technology for hybrid and electric vehicles Ricardo, QinetiQ unveil high-performance battery technology for hybrid and electric vehicles

The Reduced cost Li-Ion (RED-LION) project – a two-year collaboration between UK-based Ricardo and QinetiQ – has demonstrated the potential of a new, low-cost lithium-ion cell chemistry and associated flexible battery management system for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

Intelligent Energy expands UK fuel cell operations with move to larger premises

UK-based fuel cell systems developer Intelligent Energy has received a grant of £800 000 (US$1.3 million) from the East Midlands Development Agency (emda). The grant will assist Intelligent Energy in moving to larger premises nearby.

Yacht with EFOY fuel cell achieves 2nd place in Transat 6.50 race

A yacht equipped with an EFOY 2200 fuel cell managed second place overall in this year’s Transat 6.50 solo transatlantic sailboat race. The EFOY fuel cell provided reliable power onboard Charlie Dalin’s yacht, Pogo 2, despite the harsh race conditions.

Hydrogenics commissions eleventh fuel cell Midibus for European market

Canadian-based Hydrogenics has delivered another fuel cell powered Midibus, in this case for operation at a hospital complex in Hamburg, Germany.

UltraCell to provide mobile fuel cell power for US Army field trials in early 2010

California-based UltraCell Corporation has been selected to provide portable power for electronic devices and recharge military batteries during the US Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) in early 2010. UltraCell is a leading producer of fuel cell systems for mobile power applications, using its reformed methanol micro fuel cell (RMFC) technology.

UltraCell wins US Air Force contract for portable fuel cell development

Portable fuel cell manufacturer UltraCell has landed a $3 million contract with the US Air Force to develop portable fuel cells for use by soldiers in the field. The project involves a 50 W fuel cell system designed to offer at least 72 h of runtime.

PSA Peugeot Citroën unveils rechargeable fuel cell hybrid demonstrator vehicle

PSA Peugeot Citroën is unveiling an electric vehicle demonstrator equipped with rechargeable fuel cell technology for hybrids, at an event to showcase hydrogen as a fuel source.

Heliocentris autonomous power supply solution for Bahrain oil company

Heliocentris Fuel Cells, a German-based specialist in clean energy storage solutions, has received two more orders for the supply of autonomous fuel cell power supply solutions. The clients are the oil company Bahrain Petroleum in Bahrain, and an unidentified German university.

AFC Energy raises £2 million in share placing, for fuel cell commercialization

AFC Energy, the UK-based developer of low-cost alkaline fuel cell systems that can operate on by-product hydrogen, has raised net proceeds of £2 million (US$3.3 million) by way of a placing of new ordinary shares to UK investors.

Air Liquide acquires Hydrogen Generation Module technology from H2Gen Innovations

In the US, Air Liquide has acquired the Hydrogen Generation Module (HGM) technology from Virginia-based H2Gen Innovations. The HGM technology is being acquired by two Air Liquide affiliates: Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc, and Air Liquide Industrial US LP.

UK rolls out smart meters and smart grids UK rolls out smart meters and smart grids

All UK homes will have smart meters delivered by energy suppliers by the end of 2020 as part of UK’s plans to move towards smart grids, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced.

Air Liquide to supply two hydrogen fueling stations for Korea

Air Liquide has been chosen to supply two new hydrogen fueling stations in South Korea, designed and developed by the group’s Advanced Technologies teams.

SFC Smart Fuel Cell, Jayco in fuel cell alliance for recreational vehicles

SFC Smart Fuel Cell in Germany has established a joint research and market development alliance with US-based recreational vehicles maker Jayco, to study the feasibility of the utilization of EFOY fuel cell technology in RVs in North America.

Hydrogenics wins new credit line in Europe, to fund 2010 expansion

Hydrogenics Europe NV, the Belgian subsidiary of Canadian-based Hydrogenics Corporation, has secured a €3.5 million (US$5.3 million) operating facility from Dexia Bank SA, a Belgian financial institution. The facility will be used to finance working capital requirements for Hydrogenics’ OnSite Generation business in 2010.

At COP15, 16 national associations say major hydrogen programs can reduce climate change

A coalition of 16 associations from around the world has issued a joint statement in Copenhagen, Denmark to underscore how hydrogen technologies can help to curb global greenhouse gas emissions.

Parade of hydrogen cars energizes Copenhagen ahead of COP15

A parade of fuel cell and hydrogen vehicles has crossed the imposing Øresund Bridge between Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark, to demonstrate the potential of these zero-emission vehicles at the COP15 climate change summit.

Protonex wins US Army contract to advance solid oxide fuel cell systems

Fuel cell developer Protonex Technology Corporation has received a contract award of up to $1.0 million, through the University of South Carolina (USC) Research Foundation and WinTec Arrowmaker, to build, test and deliver solid oxide fuel cell power systems to the US Army.

Innovative Danish technology uses methanol to make fuel cell vehicles competitive Innovative Danish technology uses methanol to make fuel cell vehicles competitive

Metha Energy Solutions and Serenergy have unveiled a ground-breaking electric vehicle, ahead of the COP15 climate change conference in Copenhagen. The partners see future electric vehicle drive-trains as hybrids combining a battery with a reformed methanol fuel cell, where the battery provides the speed and the fuel cell the power.