Energy storage including Fuel cells News for April 2009

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Hydrogenics hydrogen vehicle fueling installations in Germany, France

Canadian-based Hydrogenics has announced the installation of two HySTAT™ electrolyzers in Europe for fueling station applications. In conjunction with Heliocentris Fuel Cells, a German fuel cell systems integrator, Hydrogenics has installed a hydrogen generating electrolyzer at a bus fueling station in Barth, Germany. The company has also installed an electrolyzer in Dunkirk, France for a similar hydrogen fueling application, working with German-based Schwelm.

NHA report shows hydrogen vehicles will drive change

The National Hydrogen Association in the US has released a new report which shows that an expansion of hydrogen stations is more affordable than most people think. The report, Energy Evolution: An analysis of alternative vehicles and fuels to 2100, shows that a scenario which initially includes a mix of alternative vehicles, and is later dominated by hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales, is the only way to cut US greenhouse gas pollution by 80% below 1990 levels. The scenario also sees petroleum ‘quasi-independence’ reached by about 2050, with nearly all controllable air pollution eliminated by the end of the century.

Hydrogenics well established in US fuel cell bus programs

Canadian-based Hydrogenics has sold another HyPM HD fuel cell power module as part of the US Federal Transit Administration’s National Fuel Cell Bus Program. Serving a project under the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium, Hydrogenics was selected by being able to offer a flexible and cost-competitive module with a proven track record.

European regions boost funding for local development of hydrogen and fuel cells infrastructure

The year-old European Regions and Municipalities Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (HyRaMP) [FCB, June 2008], has spent the last six months collecting detailed information on the activities and budgets of European regions that are spearheading hydrogen and fuel cells infrastructure development in Europe. It has found that regional budgets for transport, infrastructure, stationary and early market activities are matching annual funding levels of the EU Joint Undertaking for fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH JU), which is jointly supported by the EU and by European industry and research institutions.

DuPont launches Nafion XL MEA for PEM fuel cells

US-based DuPont Fuel Cells has announced the commercial availability of DuPont Nafion XL membrane-electrode assemblies. These MEAs are based on an extended-life, reinforced membrane that combines the advantages of mechanical reinforcement with enhanced chemical stability, enabling improved membrane durability.

UK 2009 budget latest: offshore wind and energy efficiency the early winners UK 2009 budget latest: offshore wind and energy efficiency the early winners

The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling has delivered his latest budget, which includes £1.4 billion of extra targeted support in the low carbon sector, including offshore wind, energy efficiency, and small scale renewables.

Ireland, ESB and Renault-Nissan cooperate on electric vehicles

A collaboration between the Irish Government, the semi-state electricity supplier ESB and car manufacturer Renault-Nissan could see the introduction of electric vehicles to Irish roads within two years.

Protonex fuel cell powers unmanned ground vehicle for record mission duration

Massachusetts-based Protonex Technology reports that its technology development partner Foster-Miller Inc has demonstrated ‘record’ unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) endurance capabilities, by integrating a Protonex fuel cell power system into a Foster-Miller Talon™ robotic UGV.

Neah, Hobie Cat explore methanol fuel cells to propel boats

In the US, Neah Power Systems has signed a technology license agreement with Hobie Cat Company, a leading manufacturer of sail and fishing boats, to jointly explore utilizing Neah’s patented, silicon-based fuel cells to power Hobie Cat’s various boat products using renewable, cost-efficient methanol.

Heliocentris launches new industrial fuel cell systems at Hannover

German-based system integrator Heliocentris Fuel Cells launched three new industrial fuel cell systems at the recent Hannover Messe trade show. The new designs target different power classes and cooling approaches. The units integrate fuel cells from strategic partners Ballard Power Systems in Canada and Schunk Group in Germany.

Consortium for digital energy infrastructure formed

New Energy Finance has announced the first Charter Members of the Consortium on Digital Energy (CoDE), which aims to create a converged perspective on the development of tomorrow’s digital energy infrastructure.

Fraunhofer portable reformer fuel cell system running on bioethanol Fraunhofer portable reformer fuel cell system running on bioethanol

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has developed a 250 W ethanol reformer fuel cell system running on bioethanol.

Hydrogen energy project planned for two Canadian airports

Air Liquide Canada is leading a C$14 million (US$12.4m) hydrogen energy project to demonstrate an array of innovative hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies operating on the site of Montréal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and at another international airport to be announced later.

Japanese firms trialing solid oxide fuel cell module

A partnership of Japanese companies has jointly developed a 3 kW-class power generation module for commercial use based on solid oxide fuel cells. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) linked with Toho Gas and Sumitomo Precision Products to develop and operate an SOFC unit running on natural gas, which achieved an electrical conversion efficiency of 59% (LHV).

AkzoNobel takes delivery of fuel cell

AFC Energy has supplied AkzoNobel's Bitterfeld site in Germany with an AFC 3.5kW fuel cell system.

NHA event sees growing interest in hydrogen NHA event sees growing interest in hydrogen

Interest in hydrogen is "greater than ever", says the National Hydrogen Association, pointing to a record-breaking number of participants at its recent NHA Conference and Hydrogen Expo.

Renewable Energy Focus to twitter

Renewable Energy Focus has now joined the twitter network...

UK Government subsidises electric and plug-in hybrid cars

The UK Government has launched a strategy to put electric and plug-in hybrid cars on British roads by subsidising £2000-5000 towards buying the first cars when they hit the showrooms – expected from 2011 onwards.

Bac2 offering bipolar plates ready for high-temperature PEM fuel cells

UK-based fuel cell materials and components developer Bac2 has extended the family of products made from its ElectroPhen™ conductive polymer to include bipolar plates for high-temperature PEM fuel cells. The new plates – unveiled at the recent Hannover Trade Fair in Germany – are mechanically and electrically stable at over 200°C.

BASF launches new Celtec MEAs, Selectra catalysts for fuel cells

German-based BASF Fuel Cell GmbH took the opportunity to introduce an extended product range for fuel cell membrane-electrode assemblies and reformers at the recent Hannover Trade Fair.

CMR Fuel Cells demonstrates fuel cell system prototype

CMR Fuel Cells, a developer of high power density fuel cell stacks and systems for portable electronics applications, has demonstrated the first prototype of its hybrid fuel cell power supply system to an Asian original design manufacturer (ODM).

Vision's Tyrano electric/hydrogen fuel cell truck passes performance testing

California-based Vision Industries Corporation has announced that its prototype zero-emission plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell Tyrano™ truck has completed the first two stages of performance testing at the LA Freightliner facilities in Whittier.

Morphic Technologies rationalization to focus on fuel cells, wind

Swedish-based Morphic Technologies has initiated a restructuring program, to focus on the group’s core businesses of wind and fuel cells.

Fraunhofer ISE unveils portable bioethanol reformer-fuel cell unit

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Germany have developed a fuel cell system featuring an ethanol reformer. The system is suitable for outdoor use and has an electric power output of 250 W.

Students scoop building award with system that uses hydrogen and renewables

The Hydrogen Education Foundation, part of the National Hydrogen Association, has announced the winners of the 2008-09 Hydrogen Student Design Contest.

Nanoscale capacitors pack in the power

Feynman's famous 1959 proclamation “There's plenty of room at the bottom” largely referred to the untapped storage ability for information at the nanoscale.

Connecticut approves 27.3 MW of projects using FuelCell Energy power

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) has issued its final decision for the approval of 27.3 MW of projects that will incorporate FuelCell Energy’s highly efficient Direct FuelCell molten carbonate power plants. The sales value of the projects will be $84 million when project developers finalize electricity purchase agreements and project financing.

Nestlé Waters converts lift truck fleet to Plug Power fuel cells

Nestlé Waters North America has installed 32 GenDrive™ hydrogen fuel cells, purchased in 2008 from Latham, NY-based Plug Power, to use at its Dallas, Texas bottling facility. This means that Nestlé Waters has converted its entire fleet of sit-down counterbalanced lift trucks from internal combustion engines powered by liquid petroleum gas to Yale Class I electric lift trucks powered by GenDrive power units.

Samsung SDI develops military portable direct methanol fuel cell

In Korea, Samsung SDI has announced that it has developed highly efficient portable direct methanol fuel cells for military use. The power sources generate 54% more power than existing models, and have enhanced durability, up to eight times that of previous models. The DMFC uses a methanol fuel cartridge developed and delivered by US-based Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation.

Cube project, with FuelCell Energy power plants, approved in Connecticut

Maryland-based Elemental Power Group has announced the approval of its ‘Cube’ fuel cell project, under the ‘Project 150’ renewable energy program run by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. The project will use Direct FuelCell molten carbonate fuel cell power plants supplied by FuelCell Energy of Danbury, Connecticut.

Medis hooks up with military suppliers Vitrociset, Fraser-Volpe for fuel cell power

US/Israel-based Medis Technologies has entered into an exclusive agreement with Italian defense company Vitrociset to develop and adapt Medis’ fuel cell technology for battery use in tactical man-pack radios, future soldier combat jackets and unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) for the Italian military market. Medis has also partnered with the Pennsylvania-based military optics provider Fraser-Volpe, to develop its next generation of electro-optic systems powered by Medis fuel cell technology.

Second supermarket gets onsite fuel cell power from UTC Power

The new Whole Foods Market slated to open in Dedham, Massachusetts this fall will be the first supermarket in the state to generate approximately 90% of its power onsite with a 400 kW fuel cell power plant from Connecticut-based UTC Power.

Delta XANES technique helps study operation of fuel cell catalysts

A research group at The George Washington University in the US have developed a new analytical tool that helps to shed light on new catalysts that hopefully will alleviate some of the many problems that remain with modern fuel cells.

FuelCell Energy power plant for Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana

Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy has announced the sale of a 300 kW Direct FuelCell power plant to improve the availability of reliable, clean electricity for Barksdale Air Force Base (AFB) in Louisiana.

California awards $6.8m to construct four hydrogen vehicle fueling stations

The California Air Resources Board has awarded $1.7 million to each of Mebtahi Station Services, San Francisco Airport, Shell Hydrogen and the University of California, Los Angeles to supplement their construction of hydrogen refueling stations. The new stations will serve the growing number of fuel cell vehicles on the road in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, and will double the amount of hydrogen available to the public.

UPS Systems supplies 20 methanol fuel cells for telemetry project

UPS Systems will provide 20 methanol fuel cells to Interserve Project Services for what could be the UK’s largest fuel cell telemetry project.

Nominees for European Inventor of the Year award announced

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Commission have announced the 12 nominees for this year's European Inventor of the Year awards.

Lilliputian secures additional venture funding for micro fuel cells

Massachusetts-based Lilliputian Systems has secured an additional $28 million in venture funding. The company is developing the MEMS-based Personal Power™ solid oxide fuel cell solution for consumer electronic devices using its patented Silicon Power Cell™ technology.

INRS team report Fe-based catalysts for PEM fuel cells with Pt-matching activity

Researchers at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) in Québec, Canada have dramatically increased the performance of an Fe-based catalyst, which works as well as Pt-based catalysts to accelerate the reactions inside PEM fuel cells.

ReliOn unveils Eco-200 for small-scale fuel cell backup power

US-based ReliOn has launched the Eco-200™ fuel cell system, designed around the company’s patented Modular Cartridge Technology and providing high-reliability power for smaller-scale backup power applications.

Nuon cancels microgeneration project with Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd

Australian-based Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd (CFCL), which is developing solid oxide fuel cell microgeneration products for residential applications, reports that the Dutch utility Nuon has cancelled its collaborative product development project for the Benelux market.

Air Products hydrogen fueling forklifts at Pennsylvania defense depot

In the US, Air Products has installed its hydrogen fueling station technology at the Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna Pennsylvania (DDSP) in New Cumberland, and is now powering an overall fleet of 40 hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts being used in daily warehouse operations.