Other marine energy and hydropower News for November 2009

Other marine energy and hydropower News Archive

REF Webinar: "Renewable energy in the Middle East" - speakers confirmed

Helene Pelosse, interim Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is confirmed as one of the guest speakers for Renewable Energy Focus’ next interactive webinar taking place on Wednesday 9 December (10.00 EST/15.00 GMT/19.00 UAE), in association with the World Future Energy Summit.

Six renewable energy sources judged to be best prospect for future, says report

The best prospects for large-scale renewable energy production and net-energy performance remain wind and certain forms of solar, according to a study released by two California-based think tanks.

Women and older people are less likely to support renewable energy in UK

Men are more likely to say they support the use of renewable energy than women, according to an opinion survey conducted by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

Hydropower upgrades to at average less than US$0.04/kWh – without new dams

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced up to US$30.6 million in Recovery Act funding for the selection of 7 hydropower projects that modernise hydropower infrastructure by increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts at existing facilities. The expanded hydropower generation projects have estimated incremental costs of less than US$0.04/kWh on average.

US hydroelectric sector could create 700,000 jobs by 2025

The hydropower industry in the United States could add 60 GW of renewable energy to the country’s electricity grid by 2025, while creating 700,000 new jobs.

Ocean Power Technologies completes trials of offshore underwater substation pod

Ocean Power Technologies has completed trials of its Underwater Substation Pod (USP) product in Spain, which is designed to facilitate the collection, networking and transforming of offshore power and data generated by up to 10 of its wave power device, PowerBuoy, for transmission to a shore-based electricity grid by one subsea power cable.

3TIER expands geographical coverage of its advanced solar map and dataset solution

3TIER has announced that its advanced solar map and dataset - previously available for the Western Hemisphere - now includes Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.