Other marine energy and hydropower News for April 2009

Other marine energy and hydropower News Archive

Intel tops list of USA green power purchasers

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a list of the USA’s top green power purchasers.

Green light for renewable energy development on the US Outer Continental shelf

US President Barack Obama has announced that the Department of the Interior has finalised a long-awaited framework for renewable energy production on the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Renewable Energy Focus to twitter

Renewable Energy Focus has now joined the twitter network...

UK offshore renewables get financial support

Marine and offshore renewable technologies will now receive financial support in the UK after an overhaul of the system for supporting renewable energy.

Electricity from renewables rise 11.7% in UK

Electricity supply from renewable energies including wind and hydro in the UK rose by 11.7%, or 2.2 TWh, to 20.7 TWh in 2008.