Wave and tidal energy News for October 2010

Wave and tidal energy News Archive

MeyGen to develop 400 MW UK tidal power site

MeyGen will develop a potential 400 MW tidal power site as part of the 1.6 GW Pentland Firth and Orkney Islands wave and tidal power leasing round by the UK Crown Estate.

Wind and hydro players target wave and tidal power

A surge of prototype projects could signal dramatic growth in ocean energy industry, reports IHS.

UK's Severn Tidal Power project ditched

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne argued there was "no strategic case at this time for public funding" of a scheme to generate energy in the Severn estuary.

Gravitational wave energy absorber presented Gravitational wave energy absorber presented

Portuguese Sea For Life has developed a gravitational wave energy absorber, WEGA, which could see a prototype in the sea next year.

Pentland Firth tidal power facility gets weather station

A new solar powered Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is set to go live on the Isle of Strome, Pentland Firth, which will help map tidal and other marine energy conditions.

Metso automates ocean surge based demo plant

Metso will develop and supply an automation system to AW-Energy Ltd's demo power plant generating electricity from ocean surge energy.