Wave and tidal energy News for August 2009

Wave and tidal energy News Archive

Langlee Wave Power provides 24 MW wave power system to Turkey

Norwegian wave power system provider Langlee Wave Power has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Turkish energy company Ünmaksan to build a 24 MW wave power facility worth approximately NOK1 billion following pilot facility testing.

UK invests more in coal than in marine renewables

The UK government has spent 20 times more on subsidising the coal industry than on investment in marine renewable energy, says UK main opposition party, the Conservatives.

Orecon has signed a construction agreement for three wave energy devices

Following a recent agreement with Portuguese developer Eneolica to develop a 4.5 MW wave energy site, Orecon has signed a letter of intent with the local shipyard Estaleiros Navais Do Mondego.

First stage deployment of Oyster wave energy converter complete First stage deployment of Oyster wave energy converter complete

Oyster, a near shore wave energy converter being developed by Aquamarine Power, has completed the first phase of its deployment at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) at Billia Croo in Orkney, Scotland.

New tidal flume available in UK for offshore testing

A combined wave and tidal flume at the UK's University of Manchester can now be hired by engineering companies and consultancies looking to conduct physical tests of nearshore structures or renewable energy devices.

Garrad Hassan set to merge with Germanischer Lloyd Garrad Hassan set to merge with Germanischer Lloyd

The companies will provide consulting, engineering, turbine design, certification, measurement, project management, strategic advice, inspection services and software products for renewable energies.

UK Wave Hub project is closer to installation and commissioning

The UK wave energy project, Wave Hub, has placed a £1 million contract for electrical equipment installation and commissioning to link the wave energy project to the National Grid.