Geothermal News for November 2011

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Isle of Wight aims for net energy exports by 2020 in EcoIsland sustainability project

The Isle of Wight – a peaceful, modest-sized island off the English south coast – plans to become a net energy exporter of energy by 2020, while halving residents’ energy bills, eliminating waste going to landfill, and creating a significant number of green technology jobs. The EcoIsland initiative is the largest single sustainability project in the UK.

Geothermal Energy Expo 2011 saw record attendance

The GEA Geothermal Energy Expo 2011 recorded record attendance this year with over 2500 attendees from 33 different states and 13 different countries.

Siemens introduces geothermal steam turbine Siemens introduces geothermal steam turbine

Siemens Energy has introduced its new 60 MW steam turbine for geothermal power plants, the new SST-400 GEO.