Geothermal News for February 2011

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Petratherm announces geothermal test results

Geothermal energy developer Petratherm has released results from a geothermal well injectivity test in South Australia.

Ireland’s first geothermal electricity plant approved

Planning permission for the first geothermal electicity plant in Ireland has been obtained by SLR Consulting.

BayernLB finances private Bavarian geothermal power plant

BayernLB has facilitated the project financing of a private geothermal power plant in Bavaria, Germany, in cooperation with the development company Süddeutsche Geothermie-Projekte Gesellschaft (SGG).

Geothermal Engineering bids for share of £1.4bn fund

Geothermal Engineering Ltd has bid for a share of the UK £1.4 billion Regional Growth Fund to support the build-out of geothermal plants in Devon and Cornwall, UK.

Australian renewable industry held back by politics

Lack of a cohesive national policy is restricting the development of renewable energy in Australia, according to Datamonitor.