Bioenergy News for March 2013

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UK renewable energy trade mission to Mongolia UK renewable energy trade mission to Mongolia

British renewable energy companies are being urged to join a UK government-backed trade mission to Mongolia. The country has a rapidly expanding economy, and its government is actively encouraging a renewable energy agenda.

Researchers show advantages of Microalgae Pyrolysis

Researchers from Iowa University's Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies (CSET) have shown that catalytic pyrolysis of microalgae produces valuable petrochemicals and ammonia, the latter of which can be recycled as a fertiliser for microalgae cultivation.

Could "lifetime production" become key metric for renewables?

Analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that the energy reserves contained in wind and bioenergy projects in the US and Brazil are significant compared to oil and gas.

Bloomberg: Cellulosic Ethanol heads for cost competitiveness by 2016

The cost of enzymes, pre-treatment and fermentation have fallen significantly, but cellulosic biofuels still have some way to go to reduce project capital expenditure if they are to be competitive with corn-based ethanol and with gasoline, according to new research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.