Bioenergy News for March 2012

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UK renewable heat incentive faces 'cost control' after 4 months

The UK Government introduces measures to control spending under the £860 million Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme introduced last November.

2012 Grove Medal awarded to Professor Dr Hubert Gasteiger

The 2012 Grove Medal is being awarded to Professor Dr Hubert Gasteiger, with the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The medal presentation and Professor Gasteiger’s plenary presentation will open the Fuel Cells 2012 Science & Technology conference, taking place 11–12 April in Berlin, Germany.

Innogy invests in Belgian biogas start-up GreenWatt

Innogy Venture Capital together with European financial investor Gimv and other partners are investing in the Belgian biogas start-up GreenWatt S. A.

Mendel and BP try out miscanthus as biofuel feedstock

Mendel Biotechnology Inc. (MBI) and BP Biofuels will conduct a four-year demonstration field trial of Mendel's PowerCan Miscanthus to evaluate it as a feedstock for biofuel production at BP's demonstration plant in Jennings, Louisiana, USA.

FuelCell Energy and Air Products to market trigeneration stationary fuel cell power plants FuelCell Energy and Air Products to market trigeneration stationary fuel cell power plants

In the US, FuelCell Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with Air Products to work towards the market development of stationary Direct FuelCell® power plants that simultaneously produce hydrogen, ultra-clean electricity, and usable high quality heat.

Ameresco and DoE opens US$795m biomass facility in SC, USA

Officials from the US Department of Energy (DoE) and Ameresco Inc have marked the start-up of a US$795 million biomass cogeneration facility at the Savannah River Site (SRC) in South Carolina, USA.

Washington state's renewable portfolio standard extended

Washington's state legislature has approved two bills intended to improve the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), according to US law firm Stoel Rives.

OriginOil supplies algae biofuel technology to France

OriginOil Inc will supply its Algae Appliance harvester to its French joint venture (JV) partner Ennesys for a test of urban algae production at the La Défense complex near Paris, France.

From sewage to algal biofuel

A €12 million project converting sewage into biofuel via algae, has been launched at a waste water treatment plant in Chiclana, southern Spain.

Heating and cooling overlooked by EU Energy Roadmap

Although heating and cooling represents by far the largest share (43%) of the final energy consumption in Europe, it has been largely overlooked in the EU Energy Roadmap 2050.

Argonne receives award for biomass resin wafer technology

Argonne National Laboratory has received a Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Award for a technology improving the processing of biomass feedstocks into biofuels and chemicals.

US: US$14m for algae transportation fuels

US President Obama has announced a US$14 million funding opportunity for developing transportation fuels from algae.