Bioenergy News for November 2011

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SolarFuel builds pilot e-gas facility for Audi

SolarFuel GmbH will build a pilot e-gas facility for car maker Audi by 2013 – converting electricity surpluses from wind and solar installations into renewable methane.

UK Energy Institute recognises biomass pioneer

David Williams, CEO of Eco2, has been recognised for his contribution to the energy sector at the Energy Institute Awards 2011.

Malaysia establishes palm oil biomass centre

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has launched the National Biomass Strategy, setting up an international Oil Palm Biomass Centre (OPBC), at the BIO Malaysia Conference and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

FuturaGene gets US$1.2m for bioenergy research in Brazil FuturaGene gets US$1.2m for bioenergy research in Brazil

FuturaGene has received a US$2.1 million grant from the Brazilian Government to advance its bioenergy technology development programme in Brazil.

Ethanol from lignocellulose remains costly

The production of ethanol from lignocellulose cannot yet be achieved at the same efficiency and cost as from corn starch, according to a study.

Biogas more useful as chemical feedstock than for energy?

A Finnish team of researchers have found that biogas could be more useful as an alternative feedstock for the chemical industry than as a fuel for electricity generation.

Congresswoman Sánchez launches clean energy jobs plan

US Congresswoman Linda Sánchez has announced the American Microturbine Manufacturing and Clean Energy Deployment Act (H.R. 3394), giving producers of microturbine technology the same tax credits other renewable and fuel cell technologies receive.

OriginOil launches commercial algae harvesting system

OriginOil Inc has launched the Algae Appliance, a commercial entry-level algae harvesting system to process algae at a low cost and without chemicals for biofuel production.

USDA loan guarantee to algae biofuel in New Mexico

The US Department of Agriculture has announced a loan guarantee for Sapphire Energy Inc's US$135 million algae biofuel project in Columbus, NM, USA.

Campaigners warn against UK tax hike on biodiesel

By introducing a tax hike on biodiesel produced form used cooking oil, the UK Government is at risk of flushing its environmental aspirations down the drain, according to an alliance of users and producers of biodiesel.