Bioenergy News for June 2011

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DP CleanTech develops tool to help understand biomass

DP CleanTech’s biomass fuel expert, Aurelie Sol, has developed a tool, ‘Biomass Lab’, to enable better understanding about properties of biomass fuels and fuel mixes under combustion.

Bioenergy double in size from nuclear Bioenergy double in size from nuclear

Bioenergy is already around double the size of nuclear energy globally, according to the World Bioenergy Association

Genencor introduces Accellerase TRIO biofuel enzyme

Genencor has launched Accellerase TRIO, an enzyme which could help producing cellulosic ethanol biofuel from several non-food feedstocks and municipal solid waste more cost-effectively.

Neste Oil committed to 2020 aviation biofuel targets

Neste Oil has committed itself to a European Aviation Biofuels Flightpath introduced in Paris aimed at increasing the use of aviation biofuel to 2 million tonnes annually by 2020.

£130m biomass centre in Immingham, UK

Real Ventures (Immingham) Ltd is planning a 49.5 MW biomass facility representing an investment of £130 million at the Port of Immingham, UK.

Transatlantic flight using bio jet fuel

Honeywell’s Green Jet Fuel biofuel has been used in a 50/50 blend on a transatlantic flight from North America to Europe.

DP CleanTech provides 56 MW biomass CHP boiler to Oslo

DP CleanTech will deliver a 56 MW thermal wood-fired biomass boiler for Hafslund Fjernvarme’s district heating project in Oslo, Norway.

Neste Oil trials renewable diesel in Finland

A fleet of road tanker trucks in Finland are to use Neste Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel from the beginning of June.

Metso to supply biomass plants in France

Five biomass plants in France will use Metso technology as part of the national green energy programme.

Disappointment over UK feed-in tariff review

A common theme among the responses to the UK’s revised feed-in tariffs for solar photovoltaics (PV) and anaerobic digestion, has been one of disappointment.

Reduced UK feed-in tariffs for solar PV and anaerobic digestion announced

The UK has announced its new, reduced solar photovoltaic (PV) feed-in tariffs for systems larger than 50 kW.

Finnish professor wins top bioenergy prize

The Johannes Linneborn Prize for Achievement in Biomass Development has been awarded to Professor Kai Sipilä

Shell and Cosan biofuel JV

Shell and Cosan have launched a multi-billion dollar joint venture (JV) to produce ethanol biofuel from Brazilian sugar cane.