Bioenergy News for February 2011

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Danish 2050 energy strategy focuses on wind and bioenergy

The Energy Strategy 2050 looks at how Denmark could become independent from coal, oil and gas by 2050 and significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, using more renewable energy.

Horizon, Pilus on bioreactors to produce renewable hydrogen from waste for fuel cells

Ohio-based Pilus Energy has announced a strategic relationship with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies in Singapore, to combine Horizon hydrogen fuel cells with Pilus Energy’s renewable hydrogen production platform.

Abengoa furthers lignocellulosic bioethanol efforts

Abengoa plans to achieve a yield of over 300 litres/tonne at its lignocellulosic bioethanol pilot production plant in Babilafuente in Salamanca.

Diesel biofuel found to reduce local air emissions

A fuel trial in Helsinki, Finland, has found that diesel biofuel can significantly reduce air emissions.

Conergy sells biogas projects

International solar system manufacturer Conergy is selling its biogas activities to Munich-based RES Projects for an undisclosed sum.

Jatropha over-hyped? Jatropha over-hyped?

The Jatropha plant, heralded as a top candidate for biofuel production, has been somewhat over-hyped, according to Dr Karl Hilding Thune at the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute.

Big oil companies slow to take up biofuels Big oil companies slow to take up biofuels

Many major oil companies have missed fuel sustainability performance targets set by the UK Government, according to the Renewable Fuels Agency.

Australian renewable industry held back by politics

Lack of a cohesive national policy is restricting the development of renewable energy in Australia, according to Datamonitor.