Bioenergy News for November 2010

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Lufthansa begins flights with renewable fuel Lufthansa begins flights with renewable fuel

Neste Oil and Lufthansa have signed a cooperative arrangement that will see Lufthansa begin commercial flights using Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable jet fuel next spring.

EU biofuels policy could create “major environmental pressure”

EU biofuels policy does not adequately protect the environment against negative consequences, according to a study reviewing the indirect land use change (ILUC) impact of the EU’s planned increase in biofuels use up to 2020.

CSP - is it time? CSP - is it time?

In our new blogs, Paula Mints reports back from the CSP Project Development USA Conference, and Elizabeth Block gives her take on the European Future Energy Forum (EFEF).

Europe: 50% electricity from marine renewables by 2050

By 2050 Europe could get up to 50% of its electricity needs from renewable marine sources, according to a report by the Marine Board of the European Science Foundation.

Metso delivers biomass co-generation power plant to Sweden

Metso will supply a new biomass-fired power boiler using bubbling fluidised bed technology, and a flue-gas cleaning and condensation system to Bomhus Energi AB in Sweden.