Bioenergy News for June 2010

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Waste-to-energy potential in Scotland

The Scottish Government has released a report showing that waste-to-energy could be used in part to heat and power Scotland.

Biomass could provide electricity for 30 million rural residents of China

The People's Republic of China (PRC) needs US$60 billion over the next decade to harness its biomass energy potential in rural areas.

Venture capitalists shift direction on biofuel… again Venture capitalists shift direction on biofuel… again

VCs are favouring biofuel companies with new business models, new technologies and new geographies in pursuit of successful exits, says Lux Research.

APEC wants continued development of renewable energy

Renewable energy technologies are declining in cost but continued efforts are required to further reduce this, according to energy ministers from the 21-country Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Enerkem gets US$1.8m to green biofuel production

Enerkem Inc is receiving US$1.8 million in funding for a market demonstration project for greening biofuel production from the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC).

Emerging renewables to have more profile in next statistical review

The ‘Statistical Review of World Energy’ does not include wind, solar or geothermal in its primary energy forecast, but these sources will be added next year because they are reaching “sufficient weight in a number of countries.”

EU commission sets up system for certifying sustainable biofuels

The European Commission is to encourage industry, governments and NGOs to set up certification schemes for all types of biofuels, including those imported into the EU.

World's largest ‘fast pyrolysis’ facility to convert biomass into oil

Canada’s Ensyn Technologies and forestry producer Tolko Industries will build a plant to convert 400 dry tonnes of biomass a day into 85 million litres of pyrolysis oil a year.

US remains most attractive country for renewables

The United States remains the most attractive country in the world for renewable energy, although it now ties the top spot with China.

Biological waste-to-energy demand growing

Demand for biological waste-to-energy plants is growing and the market is becoming more competitive driven by government regulation and support according to analyst Frost & Sullivan.

Biomass overtakes wind as champion in renewable energy

Biomass facilities have become a more attractive investment than wind and solar technologies, according to the renewable energy sector.

Bioenergy threatens forests, warn environment groups Bioenergy threatens forests, warn environment groups

Forest advocacy groups from three continents are warning that bioenergy poses a threat to forests and forest-dependent peoples, and that IS plans for wood-based bioenergy will worsen a dangerous situation.

Onshore wind tops private equity renewable energy target – KPMG

Mainstream Renewable Power, has completed Private equity is getting ready for investment in renewable energy over the next year, according to a recent KPMG poll.

Supercharged grass for bioenergy Supercharged grass for bioenergy

A bioenergy technology developed by Australian scientists uses supercharged photosynthesis – the natural process of plants converting sunlight and CO2 into biomass and usable energy – increasing its potential for bioenergy generation.

Danish Xergi enters Scottish anaerobic digestion market

Danish anaerobic digestion technology provider Xergi is building an anaerobic digestion plant in Scotland.