Bioenergy News for April 2010

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Siemens steam turbine for UK biomass power plant

Siemens Energy will supply a SST-800 steam turbine for a 50 MW combined heat and power biomass plant in the UK.

Sustainable energy for developing countries

The Helios Foundation for Sustainable Development, a not-for-profit venture to improve access to affordable and sustainable energy for low-income communities in developing countries, has been set up by former executives of Scottish Power and Shell.

Mixed-fuel biomass for the Philippines

DP CleanTech, Global Green Power PLC Corporation (GGPC) and Pöyry Energy Inc have signed an agreement for the delivery of two biomass power plants to the Philippines.

US Navy wants more renewable energy

The US Navy and the US Department of Agriculture have launched a partnership to promote the use of renewable energy.

Ontario signs 184 more contracts in renewable energy

Ontario in Canada will generate C$9 billion in private sector investment and create 20,000 jobs from new contracts for renewable energy projects.

Biofuel companies at the crossroad

Biofuel has narrowed its cost and performance gap to petroleum with help from academic labs and venture partners – but how will it become competitive?

US Air Force flies with biomass on all engines

The US Air Force scheduled a A-10 Thunderbolt II jet aircraft flight at Eglin Air Force Base in March on a blend of biomass-derived and conventional JP-8 jet fuel.

US invests in facility for advanced biofuels

The US Department of Energy (DoE) will invest US$18 million in advanced biofuels.