Bioenergy News for February 2009

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Anaerobic digestion: new energy initiative

A joint initiative with the public and private sector for making greater use of anaerobic digestion for bioenergy production has been announced in the UK.

Elastomer seals designed for biofuels Elastomer seals designed for biofuels

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) has launched a range of sealing solutions that have been specially developed by PPE for manufacturers, handlers, processors and carriers of biofuels.

New Jersey introduces renewables incentives

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has launched a Renewable Energy Incentive Program for 2009.

Third-generation biorefinery commissioned

Third-generation biorefinery commissioned

Gribble power Gribble power

In connection with the £27 million announced for bioenergy research by the main UK funding agency for the biosciences - the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), renewable energy focus looks into some of the projects that could benefit from this cash injection.

US stimulus bill passed

The US$789 billion economic stimulus bill, which includes provision for renewable energy, has been passed by the US Congress and endorsed by President Barack Obama.

Co-processing of bio-liquids in standard refinery units

A project to develop process steps allowing biomass feedstock to be co-fed to a conventional oil refinery with energy and oxygenated chemicals as co-products, has been launched by the European Commission (EC).

Up to US$25m for biomass research

The US Departments of Energy (DoE) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) have announced up to US$25 million in funding for research and development of technologies and processes to produce biofuels, bioenergy, and high-value bio-based products.

Novozymes and Sinopec sign bioethanol deal

Novozymes and Chinese COFCO have entered a partnership with the Chinese oil and energy company Sinopec to develop bioethanol from agricultural waste.

Allgreen Energy plans 10 biomass projects in India

AllGreen Energy India will launch 10 biomass based renewable energy projects in India in the next two to three years.

Biogas could heat 50% of UK homes

Up to half the UK’s domestic gas heating could be met by turning waste into biogas, according to a report from National Grid.

Project reduces cost of creating biofuel from microalgae

At APP's International Algae Congress held in Amsterdam towards the end of 2008, there was a consensus that the capability to cultivate microalgae in sufficient volumes for biofuel production on a commercial basis was nearing reality. But one of the biggest pinch points that remains is how to extract the oil from the microalgae biomass in an efficient, cost effective manner. How, after all, can one extract such a small quantity of oil from each microbial algae cell?