Policy, investment and markets Features for July 2009

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Comment: Recession? What recession?

Good news from renewables as Dieter Holm looks forward to the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) SWC2009 in South Africa later this year...

Snapshot: Spain in a nutshell

José Luis Briceño, director of Industry and Technology at the Trade Commission of Spain gives us some facts and figures from Spain’s renewables sector

US sets the standard with Federal renewable electricity Bill

For the first time in history, a US Congressional committee has approved legislation that would establish a federal renewable electricity standard as well as a price for carbon emissions. Don C. Smith examines the Bill's most important provisions and assesses the reactions of the American renewables and energy efficiency communities towards the Bill.

US Senate committee finds it tough going US Senate committee finds it tough going

Like the house, the US senate is also pushing forward with a renewable electricity standard (RES) as part of its Energy Bill. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chairman of the senate energy committee, had to reduce the res to 15% by 2021, to get enough votes to pass the provision and include it in the broader energy bill the committee passed. Steve Barlas reports.

Solar mapping: demystifying solar potential

Talk to anyone and they'll tell you in principle they think solar energy is a good idea. But we haven't harnessed it for conversion to electricity utnil fairly recently and even today barriers still exist that -prevent solar energy entering the mainstream. But could solar mapping help bring the technology further into the public domain?

Comment: US deal offers glimmer of hope

So, it finally happened. By the slimmest of margins (219-212) the US House finally approved the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454) legislation, which some – most notably Al Gore - are hailing as the most important legislation Congress will ever pass...

"Yes to RES": US wind industry rallies in Chicago

Steve Sawyer reports back from some notable events, including the second (of 6) negotiating sessions leading up to the UNFCCC cop 15 in Copenhagen, where the world is supposed to agree a new comprehensive global agreement to combat climate change …